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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My three latest book chapters

My three latest book chapters are the following, all published Summer 2014

My first chapter: 

Once considered disruptive to learning, technology has increasingly become an integrated and valued part of the modern classroom. In particular, mobile technologies provide the ability to encourage evocative student learning through new experiences.

Promoting Active Learning through the Integration of Mobile and Ubiquitous Technologies showcases the widely varied ways that technology can be applied to enhance classroom learning. Closely examining and critiquing the best methods in assimilating technologies, this publication is a valuable resource for faculty, teachers, administrators, technology staff, directors of learning centers, and other education technology leaders interested in incorporating new technologies within the classroom for engaging student learning.

Topics Covered
  • Classroom Learning
  • Education Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Innovative Teaching Approaches
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Technology
  • Student Learning
  • Virtual Learning Environments

Ossiannilsson, E. Quality Enhancement for M-learning in Higher Education (2014). In: Keengwe, J. (2015). Promoting Active Learning through the Integration of Mobile and Ubiquitous Technologies (pp. 1-304). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-6343-5

This chapter focuses mainly on quality and a frame of reference to understand M-learning dimension concerns as course design, learning design, and media design and content. Consistent layout and design, clear organization, and presentation of information, consistency, easy-to-use navigation, and aesthetically pleasing design and graphics are dimensions that also have to be taken into consideration. It is argued in this chapter that security, accessibility, interactivity, flexibility, personalization, and the devices and interfaces are the main quality dimensions. 

My second chapter

Everyday learners use and reuse open, digital resources for learning. Reusing Open Resources offers a vision of the potential of these open, online resources to support learning. The book follows on from Reusing Online Resources: A SustainablApproach to E-learning. At that time focus was on the creation, release and reuse of digital learning resources modeled on educational materials. Since then the open release of resources and data has become mainstream, rather than specialist, changing societal expectations around resource reuse. Social and professional learning networks are now routine places for the exchange of online knowledge resources that are shared, manipulated and reused in new ways, opening opportunities for new models of business, research and learning. 

The goal of this book is to extend the debate of how open, online resources might support learning across diverse contexts. Twenty-four distinguished experts from nine countries distributed across Europe and North America contribute empirical evidence and ideas. Collectively they provide a vision of the potential of open, online resources to support learning across everyday contexts of education, work and life.

Pre-publication versions of five chapters from the book, with a special version of the editors' introduction are published in the open access Journal of Interactive Media in Education, in a special Issue dedicated to the book: 'Open for Learning Special Issue’ -http://jime.open.ac.uk/

Ponti M, Berquist M & Ossiannilsson E (2014) Learning across Sites through Learning by Design in Use In: A Littlejohn & C Pegler (eds). Reusing Open Resources Learning in Open Networks for Work, Life and Education.

The focuses of the chapter are about OER and learning by design in use.

My third chapter

Digitaliseringen i dagens samhälle är ett faktum. Vad innebär barns och ungdomars förändrade uppväxtvillkor för lärande och utbildning? Hur formas lärares roll i det samtida medielandskapet?
INTERAKTIVA MEDIER OCH LÄRANDEMILJÖER presenterar olika synvinklar på dagens utbildning, både från forskning och från praktik. Författarna tar avstamp i att lärare redan har tillgång till interaktiva medier i lärandemiljöer men att de inte alltid vet hur de ska använda dessa tillsammans med eleverna.
INTERAKTIVA MEDIER OCH LÄRANDEMILJÖER består av 13 kapitel som utifrån olika tillämpningar, erfarenheter och exempel ger lärare och pedagoger idéer, begrepp och metoder för sin professionella utveckling. De olika kapitlen ska kunna fungera som inspiration, diskussionsunderlag eller utgångspunkter för vidare problematisering, i arbetslag, utbildning eller för en enskild pedagog.
Creelman A, Ossiannilsson E & Falk P (2014) Förändringar, utmaningar, gränslöst lärande. In: E Dunkels och  S Lindgren (eds) INTERAKTIVA MEDIER OCH LÄRANDEMILJÖER. Gleerups: Malmö (In Swedish).
The chapter (In Swedish) focuses on the changing educational landscape, and the paradigm shift towards open learning. MOOCs, OERs, gamifications as well as informal and formal learning are discussed.


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