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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Why keep back learners to learn. Re: the OECD report 2015

The OECD report has frequently been discussed in media, and also in social media the last couple of days. I myself wrote about it in my blog from the 29th of September.The OECD report, Students, Computers and Learning. Making the Connection briefly shows that the introduction of digital tools in schools has not had the desired or expected effect on children's learning. It is then of course tempting to blame the tools, they destroy learning. The report says among other things: student who use tablets and computers very often tend to do worse than them who more moderately use computes. The problem is not how much students sit with computers or how little, but what they actually do when they are online. How is teaching structured, what activities do they use these digital tools to? The mainpoint is that  this is the intereting discussion and it is here that the whole problem lies. How do we use the potentials of digitalisation and the increased technology, it is not just about the devices as such, but how it is used.

OECD believes are that educational institutions generally have not cracked the code for how current technology can best be utilized in the classroom. Technology of the 21st century, is often unfortuntly placed in educational practice from the 20th century.

 I would argue even stronger. Teacher lack of digital skills,  includes both attitudes and skills mean that our children are not getting the education that is expected of them in the 21st century. We have for too long time been afraid to say this out loud, We can no longer accept this. This report from OECD shows explicit the role of the teachers and their digital scolarship, it is obvious by this report,but also research in the area shows ths very explicit and clear.Teachers unfortunatly lack this expertise. I know from my own experience and numerous reports confirm this. Now this must come to an end!

Sir Ken Robinson explain it like how dowe prepare students/learners for jobs that dont even  exist yet? Look at his short YouTube, it is very clear, about the way forward: