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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Task on multiple choice questions OCL4Ed

One of the tasks for OCL4Ed, Activity 3.1 is to preparea and publish a blog containing two multiple choice questions based on copyright situation (i.e. a mini scenario).

The scenario; An academic at University XYZ, in  Sweden has developed course material for her course abc. She is used to apply copyright on her material, so when she was introduced to Crative Commons (CC) she was unsecure how to choice her licence, as she wanted to be accrediated for her work as originator, and furthermore she did´t want others to do any changes nor make money of it. 

A. Which CC should she use:

Please choose  the number (s) which apply
Right answer is number 6.

B. How shall she register her licence
1. Just tell her Director
2. Just tell the Librarian
3. Just copy the syymbols
4. Register at creativecommons http://creativecommons.org/choose/?lang=en
Right answer is nuber 4

  1. Prepare and publish a blog post containing two multiple choice questions based on a copyright situation (i.e. a mini scenario). You may use the same copyright situation sketch for both MCQs. In your blog post you should:
    • State the context including the country and intended audience for the MCQs.
    • Describe the copyright situation (no more than 200 words) where possible including links to web sites illustrating the real artefacts referenced in your copyright example without breach of your own copyright act.
    • Develop two MCQs based on the mini copyright situation you describe. Your MCQs must:
      • Specify the correct answer for example: ANSWER: <text for correct answer alternative>
      • Specify the distractors, for example: DISTRACTOR: <text for incorrect alternative>
      • Provide formative feedback for all alternatives, that is feedback for correct and incorrect answers. You must specify the reasons why and option is correct or incorrect.
  2. Visit and read the blog posts from fellow students for this Activity and provide feedback by commenting two student posts.
  3. Pay your learning forward. Where possible, please consider using a Creative Commons Attribution or Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealikelicense for your blog posts. This would enable us to reuse the questions you develop to provide more case study examples for future OCL4Ed students. (In the absence of clearly licensing your post with these licenses, we will not be able to legally use your contibutions for future courses.)
  4. Important: Log in to the course site and register your blog post which is required for tracking minimum participation metrics and peer evaluation.

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