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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rhizomatic Learning - The community is the curriculum, week 4

Weeke 4 Are books making us stupied

The challenges for this week in the very interesting course on rhizome learning, the community is the curricula:

  • Are books making us stupid? 
  • Have they always? 
  • What has the medium of print done to learning? 
  • What are the implications of this objective distance? 
  • How does it impact what we believe is valid in our society both inside learning and outside of it? 
I will argue that any kind of media has its benefits and limitations
The nice thing with social media is that it easy to be connected, it is easy to be on track, it is easy to be in a community, it is an often gente and generous athmosphere, everyone is willing to share and to be part.

Of course some limitations are that it can be barriers for those who are not digital skilled or not very socia. Being not very social is not just due for socail media, and on Internet of course
There can be limitations that everything is so fast with social media, you los sometimes time for reflections, further consideration, and second thoughts

With books and printed material there are benefits in some ways, it is solid in one way, but on the other had as soon as a book is printed, it is old, and imagine it takes appro 1 year or even more to publish, print etc. This is teh same with Journal articles, with the review system etc. On the other hand they are more sustainable

The printed word is solid, it cant easy be changes, the oral word can be changes in teh same time it is said

As the saying is

Carve praise in stone, write criticism in sand

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