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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rhizomatic Learning - The community is the curriculum Week2

Rhizomatic Learning - The community is the curriculum

During this week we had to reflect on indepencence ans freedom, and how to "force" independence .

A challenge which is delicate, however, for me it is very much similar as to raise children, but in an educational settting and formal learning how can you do it then.

I liked very much Daves start of this week:

"I’m hosting a party, not trying to tell you what or how to think"
and further 

"The most important part of your choice is figuring out what is going to fit into your life better. The more you figure out what you’re taking this course for, where you will be when you check in to see what people are doing – the better chance of you having a fruitful experience."
We are some 300 people in the course in the course so far and we are invited, promoted, encourage to work at diferent places with our reflections, like:
at the P2P site
at the course siteP2P   the course site
Even  on:
Facebook Rhizo14
Twitter #rhizo14, I also use my own #EbbaOssian @EbbaOssian

Dave has the nice approach to say about Course objectives
"Just kidding. There aren’t any. You can have personal objectives. You can have group objectives. But I’m not creating objectives for anyone."

and also:
"What you should do in a given week?
Try to forget everything you know about ‘traditional education’ and imagine that you are going to camp for 6 weeks. "

cc openedu

I really reflect on the idea with learning and education as a camp, people are coing for different reasons, people have different goals. I will try this  approach fpor my next course
 I do like the serendepity way of learning


  1. Yup, the idea of going to camp for #rhizo14 is a great analogy :-)

  2. Nice camp picture.