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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rhizomatic Learning - The community is the curriculum- Week 3

This week is about how to embrace uncertainty in learning

I  will argue that the more you are wondering about, and the more  curious you are and try to discover, the more you learn. Learning is not about questions and answers, nor about right and wrong. Learning is rhizomatic, serendepedy and uncertain. You don´t really know where you end up, but you need to know your goals and your own directions, The way forward is however not just straight on...

As Cormier is emphasizing in this videoclip it is very much about
  • Orient
  • Declare
  • Network
  • Cluster
  • Focus
If you learn those five steps you might learn most everything, and I agree that those five steps facilitate uncertain learning. You have to embrace uncertainity, and find ways which are reachable. It i also important to give up power approaches, you have different approaches and can share,

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