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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Power Searching with Google and What would Google do?.

I have just attended the excellent online, selfinstructed course by Google on effecient searching on Google... and again Google have done it! 
I really learned a lot by the course Power Searching, and part of a new world in Google just was opened up to me.

Google Search makes it amazingly easy to find information.Learn together with Daniel Russel  (Google Inc.) about the powerful advanced tools that Google provide to help you find just the right information when the stakes are high.

Daniel Russell
Senior Research Scientist
Google, Inc.


The online course are divided in six parts:
  • Introduction
  • Interpreting results
  • Advanced tetechniqies
  • Find facts faster
  • Checking your facts
  • Putting it all together
All part  consists of very informative and motivating film clips (3-7-10 minutes), tasks, with self-corrections and feedback and forum with direct emails to your google accout. Tthe course have three self-assessments:
  • Pre-class assessment
  • Mid-class assessment
  • Post-class assessment
I will strongly recommed to go through the course. I really learned a lot, which I can use from now on in my daily life and for professional use. I am sure that my search results will be more precise and useful from now on. The course-design is very attractive and you really keep the motovation on top.
Will you organise an online course similar like this it is  a very attractive format.

So Google has done a success again!!!
So has also Jeff Jarvis done with his book WWGD , What Would Google Do?
In nearly any question you can ask  What would Google do? 
 ... and sooner or later you will know
....or you can always search for it, when you know effecient searching methods and tools, and then spend your own time to reflect on it  and just do it....

 So we  all need to ask as Jarvis is doing: What would Google do?
What would Google do?

What,s the question every business should be asking itself? According to Jeff Jarvis, it,s WHAT WOULD GOOGLE DO? If you,re not thinking or acting like Google - the fastest-growing company in the history of the world - then you,re not going to survive, let alone prosper, in the Internet age. An indispensable manual for survival and success that asks the most important question today,s leaders, in any industry, can ask themselves: What would Google do? To demonstrate how to emulate Google, Jarvis lays out his laws of what he calls "the new Google century," including such insights as: Think Distributed Become a Platform Join the Post-Scarcity, Open-Source, Gift Economy The Middleman Has Died Your Worst Customers Are Your Best Friends and Your Best Customers Are Your Partners Do What You Do Best and Link to the Rest Get Out of the Way Make Mistakes Well ...and More He applies these principles not just to emerging technologies and the Internet, but to other industries-telecommunications, airlines, television, government, healthcare, education, journalism, and yes, book publishing-showing ultimately what the world would look like if Google ran it. The result is an astonishing, mind-opening book that will change the way readers ask questions and solve problems.

The Author about his book: "what I tried to do in the book is reverse-engineer the success of Google and tried to find out the lessons and the laws that have made Google so successful in this new era. […] so we’ll take these lessons and apply them to all kinds of companies. It’s not just about technology […] it’s about any institution in society. […] It’s about thinking differently."
We all need to ask: What would Google do?


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