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Thursday, July 19, 2012


I have recently, 20 June – 3 July 2012, attended the workshop  OCL4Ed12-06

Creative Commons swag contestThe free online workshop on open education resources (OER), copyright and Creative Commons licensing was a really fantastic intitiative with  fantastic resourses from all over the world. The workshop aimed to set a new world record -- collaborating on the world's largest capacity building initiative on open content licensing in the formal education sector.

The workshop and resources was sponsored by the OER Foundation, COL Chair in OER at Otago Polytechnic and UNESCO-COL Chair at Athabasca University)

There were participants from all over the world, over 500 participants from some 80 countries. What a learning resourse and environment! ...and direct feedback on forums from peers and from experts throughout the globe.

Knowledge is a public good. By using OER  a return to the core values of education, namely to share knowledge freely can become true. The workshop is also availabel at http://wikieducator.org/Open_content_licensing_for_educators/Home

The open content materials were developed openly and collaboratively by dedicated volunteers from the OER Foundation, WikiEducator,  the OpenCourseware Consortium and Creative Commons with funding support from UNESCO.

Thanks to all develoeprs and to all co-participants!
The workshop was one of the very best one I have attended, and teh design, the resourses and the online feedback.

Let the OER remix begin!
Let the open educational practice and culture develop and grow globally....

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