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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Creative Commons 10 years

This year is Creative Commons’ 10th Birthday! Started Friday, December 7, was launching into a 10-day frenzy of celebrations leading up to 16 December – the day the first CC license suite was launched in 2002.The celebrations was wide ranging, including more than 20 celebrations worldwide, a dedicated website (http://10.creativecommons.org), with interviews and featured resources, a social media campaign and the usual annual fundraising campaign.

Creative Commons is turning 10!
There are  many very nice videos and information resources on how to use cc. Besides the ones from creative commons this was one which I found very instructive. It is about copyright and schools and how to do very concreate when you would like to use different kind of online resources. CommonCraft has produced another one, which is very much of interest.

One can easily underatand why teachers are not very found or excited of allowing recording or mobiles in classrooms, especialyy when you have to face how students are takong notes nowadays. The photo shows students taking pictures with their smartphones of a projection screen. It doesn’t get much more ‘connected’ than that to be sure. Do your students use their camera phone to snap photos for note-taking purposes? Would you encourage or discourage this type of behavior? Maybe a matter of conscience

modern note taking

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