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Monday, December 31, 2012

5 Big Education Technology Trends for 2013

5 Big Education Technology Trends of 2013 by edudemic

ShaChanges to the way we approach education are also peppered throughout the various innovations and advances. iPads revolutionizing the textbook economy, high speed internet shrinking the world and even the incorporation (successfully, even) of mobile into the classroom. Even if it is  basically impossible to know what to expect for 2013 as they say themselves. Edudemic anticipates five trends for 2013:
1. Use SMS Marketing to Connect Education with Life
2. Social Media Enables Students to Educate Communities
3. Universities Offer Free Non Credit On-Line Courses
4. Unused Resources Contribute to Social Impact Projects
5. 3-D Printing Hits the Road

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The list can be contiuned with ( a mix from my networks):
1. Mobile
2. Personalisation
3. Video
4. Integration
5. Bring your own device
6. Social learning 7. Gamification
8. Learner analytics
9. Performance support
10. The evolving role of L&D
11. The badge movement


  1. Even if it is basically impossible to Mark Spolsky know what to expect for 2013 as they say themselves.

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