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Thursday, August 18, 2016

THE PADAGOGY WHEEL- Will soon be published in Swedish. Kommer inom kort på svenska

The Padagogy Wheel V4.1, was launched in January 2016, developed for the "Next Generation''

The Padagogy Wheel by  Allan Carrington, see more below, is already translated into 21 languages, and are planned to be translated to even some more. One of them is Swedish and it will be translated by Dr Ebba Ossiannilsson, the V President of the Swedish Association fr Distance Education and Ossiannilsson Quality in Open Online Learning (QOOL) Consultancy, Sweden. Already there is  a draft and it is just for a second opinion and language check. The process can be followed in this Blog by Dr Ebba Ossiannilsson.

"The Padagogy Wheel V4.1 ENGLISH Version with 126 Updated Apps now linked back to the Apple iTunes store.  Also there are more activities in the Blooms Taxonomy and new teaching on “Getting the best use out of the Padagogy Wheel”. Please download a new version on the links below.
The Padagogy Wheel visual places the idea of motivation and capabilities at the center, which gets at one of its more compelling characteristics as a model – the meshing of technology, thinking, and student motivation. Many of the failures in #edtech are failures in #edtech integration, and frameworks like the Padagogy wheel attempt to clarify the relationship between “big picture” elements. Seeing the pieces–tablets, apps, learning goals, cognitive actions, etc.–and how they work together is everything. Without that vision, any bit of #edtech is limp and lifeless.

Some of the updated features with this new version are:

  • Links to twice as many apps: It has direct links to 122 of the latest and most popular educational iPad apps.
  • App selection criteria: to help teachers make better app decisions These also are linked to the APPitic website and each Bloom’s Cognitive Domain Category has comprehensive selection criteria.  Prompts asking the teacher to think how the app would help the user achieve the domain activities.
  • Each domain activity linked to apps:  (that’s wheel 5 from the core) is linked to a group of apps considered most useful to enhance good outcomes.
  • The SAMR model wheel better communicates the idea.  This might seem a small addition but I have added two way arrows around the wheel.  I hope this helps teachers understand that the idea is to virtually align the SAMR model with the Bloom’s category they are working with.  The idea is once one or more apps are chosen then think Redefinition if possible. Just keep in focus that the SAMR wheel is meant to spin.  It also has a link to a great video from Dr P. as we call him in the ADE community (Dr Ruben Puentedura) who invented the SMAR model, that’s also worth watching.
  • The QR codes have been updated: and provide a great way to connect the “treeware” (aka printed) poster to online resources.  Every mobile device should have a QR reader App …. they are free as well.  The email QR code is particularly cool in it sets up an email to me in your email program and even gives it a subject line and says “Hi Allan”.
  • Information available in 19 languages: This is the most exciting new feature to me and it is again thanks to the hard work of the APPitic team.  So if one of these languages is your heart language, and not English, you can research the app and the pedagogical resources in your first language. Now that opens up help to a lot more teachers.  Of course the challenge is to get a padagogy wheel in the same 19 languages … anyone like to help.
  • NEW PEDAGOGY JUST ADDED: Immersive Learning at the core of the wheel is the New Instructional Design. Simulations are the most effective pedagogy to develop graduate attributes and capabilities in learners, as well as address motivation. Linked to the new Padagogy Wheel are Immersive Learning Resources which will  help you design an build engaging experienced-based immersive scenarios.
  1. A screen version lower resolution and smaller file size (1.5 mb) of The Padagogy Wheel V4 Poster Low Res  
  2. A higher resolution version for using to print as an A3 (or even A2) size hard copy poster (5.2 mb). The Padagogy Wheel V4 Poster for Printing 

About Allan Carrington

Allan Carrington, recently retired as a Learning Designer with the eLearning Team at the University of Adelaide. He is recognized as an Apple Distinguished Educator and has won two major Learning and Teaching Awards. In 2011 he was awarded the University of Adelaide Award for Excellence in Support of the Student Experience – this was the first time this award had been granted. In 2012 he received a National Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, one of only 152 awarded across Australia. It read: “Allan Carrington has been fundamental in providing teaching faculty with the motivation, knowledge, tools, confidence and evidence to show them that they can and should challenge themselves to look at new ways to teach and engage. Allan has two masters degrees, one in interactive multimedia and the other in education. He has worked in learning and teaching in the VET sector and has a Cert IV AWT. He has led schools (courses) in Hawaii, Texas USA and Paraguay and also taught marketing and research, print production and communications. Allan has extensive experience in online collaboration and facilitation, his learning and teaching initiatives and areas of educational research interest can be found at his Let's Collaborate Page which is part of his ePortfolio. Allan was a School leader at the University of the Nations (UofN - part of YWAM) in the College of Communication at Kona HI from 1989-97. He also ran the Print Production School at Last Days Ministries in Texas when it was changing to a UofN Location. He has a background in Print Production, publishing and marketing. He pioneered the UofN website and has a strong calling in Christian education empowered by elearning and help the Church to disciple nations and fulfil the Great Commission.


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