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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Open Education Europa Teachers Contest launched!

Are you or your team the best educators in the World/in Europe
It is time to nominate as the Open Education Europa Teachers Contest was launched the 1st of Octoer in connection wih its 2 years anniversary.

Bildresultat för open education europa
Innovators from all all disciplines, fields and levels of education who use successfully various approaches and resources to share their good teaching practices until October 31th, 2015! You are most welcome to submit in any European language. 
See more at the special page for the Contest

Excellence in education requires a constant drive and passion for improvement, and professional development. Sharing is the heart of Education. The Open Education Europa portal is announcing the Open Education Europa Teachers Contest.

The Open Education Europa portal has just launched a contest aiming at collection and sharing innovative teaching practices taking place in Europe. See the infrórmation at the presentation below.

Open Education Europa Teachers Contest from Open Education Europa

The contest aims at European teachers and educators in primary, secondary and higher education, vocational training and adult learning who teach in an innovative way or aim to achieve greater openness or inclusion in the classroom.

To participate in the contest, please submit electronically a Good Practice you were personally involved in. We define “Good Practice” in education as an action, initiative or experience that enhances learning and combines one or more of the following principles:
  • Innovation; the application of a novel approach, method or resource to improve teaching or learning.
  • Openness; the use or production of resources that are shared freely; the opening up of the classroom with open educational practices.
  • Inclusion; providing access to education or training to a previously excluded group or audience.
The Replicability of the practice; whether it is easy for colleagues in other countries to apply and adapt the practice is also concidered in the contest.

Everyone taking part in the OEE Teachers Contest will receive the “Open Education Europa Pioneer” badge and have a chance to win a trip to an innovative school in Europe.
We are looking forward to meeting you online and learning about your successful practices!

Start here and good luck!

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